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Sun, Jan. 7th, 2007, 11:06 pm
ayonoi: Japan trip pictures: Asakusa walking trip and Christmas cake

I finally managed to upload pictures of the trip. There aren't that many, I kinda don't take that many pictures. Probably Chuck will have more so might send some people there. Anyway, here are the pics from Asakusa and Christmas Cake XD

A very famous site from Japan. It was fun to see it really early in the morning and beat the crowds.

Thunder God at Kaminarimon Gate
The Gods of Thunder and Wind stand in each side of the giant red lantern, unfortunately, I only took a pic of the Thunder God

There is a video file here: http://pics.livejournal.com/ayonoi/pic/00056w8w/
Enjoy it!

Sensouji Temple

A closer view of the entrance of the Sensouji temple

I am standing in one of the side entrances of the temple

Sexy chuck XD standing at the same entrance

The Asakusa Shrine

The inside of the Shrine. Note the two warriors seated at the sides.

Koi pond and traditional bridge

I am not sure about the name of this shrine. It houses the Bosatsu that protect all the animals of the Zodiac. I checked out my Bosatsu and he was not fancy, pretty low-key kind of guy XD

Drangon God statue outside Sensoji Temple and in the cleaning well. You are supposed to clean your hands here before you go into the temple. The ceiling is also decorated with a dragon. This is another shot of the statue:

Orochimaru...even at the senbei shop XD. Umm, yeah, we saw the heaven seal everywhere in the temple ground shops. We were amused XD

Trying to walk on this sori would probably make you fall. Strangely, I thought about Alex's fic here (Yountilla) and thought of Orochimaru walking on them draggin Naruto by the his kimono. I loved it.

Another god behind the Kaminarimon Gate

Awesome DeathNote poster at Comics Torenoana (or was that K-Books???) We wanted to steal it XD.

Chuck takes a bite of our mini Christmas cake (we bought a variety). The picture does not come up so I just put the link (you know u want to click on it XD)

A view of our cakes!

Pictures now will go with each entry as I make them. It took me longer than expected to load the pics and write this entry so I ran out of time to write the Harajuku adventure. I will try to get it done by Tuesday. Enjoy the pics guys!

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