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Mon, Mar. 27th, 2006, 11:02 am
foxykitsuneko: Hi there!

I just joined this community so I wanted to say hi to everyone here and ask a question or two.

First: Has anyone here ever sold at comiket? I'm trying to collect as much info as possible before I ask a Japanese friend to figure it out for me. My kanji is good but figuring out the technical vocabulary invovled with signing up as a circle for comiket on their webpage is quite difficult. The english FAQ on the official comiket page doesn't talk about it either, just cosplaying. I feel like they are trying to keep foriegners out from the selling aspect for fear of miscommunication. Anyway, any info on this would be awesome.

Second: does anybody here live in Tokyo? I'd like to hook up with people who live here and are serious about creating manga and cosplaying.

ok, It's nice to be able to connect with all of you. ^_^ and i hope you have fun at all your future comiket experiences.

also, i see a lot of links and comments about youth hostels here. I've never stayed any but i have visited them (and gaijin houses) on apartment hunts or temporary places to stay hunts and honestly, anything near Roppongi, Nishi Azabu and Azabu Juuban (in Minato-ku) should be avoided at all costs. >_< They are horrible!