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Sun, Jan. 7th, 2007, 11:06 pm
ayonoi: Japan trip pictures: Asakusa walking trip and Christmas cake

I finally managed to upload pictures of the trip. There aren't that many, I kinda don't take that many pictures. Probably Chuck will have more so might send some people there. Anyway, here are the pics from Asakusa and Christmas Cake XD

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Thu, Dec. 28th, 2006, 08:18 am
ayonoi: Japan Trip: Day One: Asakusa and Ikebokuro

I am not sure if I wan to talk about the flight. It was 11 hours of being sitted in a small seat and not sleeping. Watched two movies and tried to read without success. Needless to say, both Chuck and I felt sick towards the end. We got on the Keisei Skyliner because I didn't feel like dealing with the limited express. We are close to Ueno so we are taking it back, it is much move convenient. We got the hotel at a good time, we didn't get lost that badly. After we checked in and basically rested, we ran to Akihabara to get the Comiket catalog. We found it and went back to bed.

The next day (Sunday), we were up REALLY early. We decided to have breakfast first and then go to Asakusa which is very close to where we are staying. When we got there, it was quiet and not a lot of people were around, most of the shops were either close or opening up for the day. It made visiting the temple pretty nice. There are so many temples in that complex, we probably missed a few. I was amused to find out the bosatsu that protects my zodial animal. I think the bosatsu is sorely disappointed in me XD. I bought an omamori for Kit there. For some reason, the temples sell omamoris for *trafic safety* which says a lot about the japanese roads. I wonder if they make one for pedestrians not to get run over (by either cars or bycicles)? I felt like having weird food so we stopped at a stand and had dango. Chuck said that the seller called us *bijin*. Old man sure knows how to sell his dango, I bet he says that to everyone that comes by. Then I saw the takoyaki stand and I had to wait for my order to be made. I almost asked the guy at the stall to let me take a picture of him making it, it seemed really cool.We hanged out for a bit, saw a few more shops and then decided to move on to Ikebokuro, the capital of all things anime. Ohh the pain the wallet suffered. Before that, we actually discovered we had a Book Off a block away from our hotel  *__*. We went in there and I tried to look for Alex's request. Unfortunately, they didn't have the numbers I was looking for so i am wondering if there is another Book off somewhere. We dropped our loot at the hotel (mine was Inuyasha related, especifically SesshouxInu) and then went to the station

We visited Comic Torenoana first and i walked out with the new Amatsuki volume as well as 07Ghost and maybe a doujinshi. I was also introduced to a  boy's love game called "Lamento" and boy, is it pretty. Pretty expensive though, almost $60 since it is new. I bought characters goods and I have been going back and forth with myself over buying the game. Unfortunately, right now, Comiket takes priority.  Chuck discovered these cute Naruto gashapon that had Orochimaru XD! We decided to get a few and she got Orochimaru at the first go, I got Naruto and then Yondy. We then went to Animate and we shopped. I have to say that while i found some goods that I wanted to get, we found very little Saiyuki stuff and Loveless. Gintama, Bleach and DGray Man were by far the strongest fandoms. I barely could get to the Naruto section since the Bleach section was on the opposite side and swamped. The Bleach movie is playing here so interest is at its peak. We went through the 8 floors and the event floor at the very top. They had movie related stuff and I bought a Bleach bag and some of this hilarious tiny phone charms. I was jealous of the ones Chuck got but I got both versions of Ukakku and that was the happy for me. Poor Chuck had to put up with my airheadedness since I kept giving her the wrong information (sorry Chuck) but we made it out alive from Animate and hit K-Books.

There was another gashapon machine outside K-Books so I tried my luck again. I got two Orochimarus (DaMoyre, one is for you!). I was looking for the plushie that I had seen on ebay but I cant seem to find it. I bought a bunch of figures at K-Books including the Hinata figure I was looking for, a Kimimaro figure and Inuyasha keychains. It was hard to find any Sesshoumaru figures, damn it, I wanted one. We went to the second floor where I saw Saiyuki stuff that is hard to find...and I grabbed as much as I could afford. Pins mostly but also this fan that was fantabulous. The horde kept getting bigger and my wallet started to empty.

We hit Mandarake with a vengeance and found ourselves drowning in doujishi. I basically found djs iin the Naruto section that I was looking for and that were requested. We were buying so much stuff BEFORE we even hit Comiket. I bought this enormous Saiyuki collection by the circle Honey and probably two SanzoxGoku (my least favorite pairing) for the art quality alone. Ohh and then I found some SesshouxInu, specifically the one doujinshi where my icon comes from. Ohh, the beauty of it. We also got Sailor 12 that was conveniently behind a glass window. Lucky for us, they had two copies. We finally had to sit down in order to prioritize the piles we both had. Ahh the damage was painful but our credit cards took the brunt of it. After that, we were about to pass out from hunger and we went to get a simple dinner.

Back at the hotel, we collapsed and went through our loot. Then we found out there was a sento (public bath) close to our hotel and we decided to go. It was quite the experience. We went in before we paid and the lady came running after us. After that embarrasing moment, we were able to take our clothes off and experience the sento along with many other naked Japanese women. Did it make me feel ackward? yes, very much so. But hey, I am on vacation, who the hell cares? We scrubbed ourselves clean and went to the pools. The HOT pool was HOT OHMYGOTH!!  The warm was hot but not in the way you will be boiled on contact. After spending time in the warm pool, I dunked myself in the cold one and yikes,  it was cold but felt good. Then I went back to cook some more. It was a fun experience and it soothed our sore feet and tired bodies after walking like there is no tomorrow through Tokyo, avoiding the masses. Oh and I had to take my meds at Animate because it was so crowded, I wanted to cry XD.

As a first day, we did pretty good. I will leave the next excursion for a later entry since I am sitting at the computer terminal in the lobby in my nightgown and hoodie. I think I embarrass the male personnel in the lobby ROFL.  Since Chuck is much smarter than me (and putting up with my grumpy ass, thank you sweetie!! and i do mean grumpy!) she has been uploading her pics in her lj so they are ready when she releases her reports. My photos will have to wait XD.

Love you all and I hope everyone is having a good holiday.

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Sat, Jan. 6th, 2007, 10:02 pm
ayonoi: Japan Trip-Monday 25th

After our fantabulous trip through Asakusa the day before. We woke up slightly early but decided to take it easy. We still had to go through the Comiket catalog so we decided to go to Cafe Veloce,not very far from the hotel, have breakfast, and look through the big ass book.

We sat in that coffee shop for three hours going through the book. I think we got there at 10am and then left around 1pm or so. There was a lot of little tags everywhere and highlighters. We realized we had to go on the first day since there were fandoms that we wanted to check out, mainly Saiyuki. The Inuyasha fandom was on that day soooo I needed to get my SesshouxInu fix.What has hilarious about those three hours in the cafe was that I was trying to be discreet when I was looking at the hentai circles, especially since a WHOLE family was sitting behind me at one point XD. Here i was, trying not to open the book too much...No wonder my back was killing me when I was done.

It was more of a relaxing day. We walked around again and then decided to have our "christmas cake" since it was Christmas. For some reason, the Japanese think that cake is the traditional food for Christmas, can't tell them that ham and other things make an appearance. We got a variety sort of cakes, we had a few and then gave the staff of the hotel the rest. The boy behind the counter was so thrilled, I believe he might have eaten them all. Hahaha, I am glad I made someone else's evening.

That is one of the quietest, low key Christmas I ever had. Before we went to bed, we decided that Harajuku was the place to go. With that, our Christmas evening was over.

Little did we know that the next day, we were going to be drowning XD. More later.

Mon, Apr. 24th, 2006, 10:54 am
herchuckness: the official yes or maybe post [winter 2006 trip]

I realized we don't have an official head count yet of who is going on this trip, so let's make one! XD

If you are planning to attend Winter 2006 Comiket, please reply to this post with either a 'yes' or a 'maybe'. The former should only be used if you are sure you are going, so we know who to make concrete plans with. If you want to go but aren't sure if you can make it happen, we'll add you to the maybe list.

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Mon, Mar. 27th, 2006, 11:02 am
foxykitsuneko: Hi there!

I just joined this community so I wanted to say hi to everyone here and ask a question or two.

First: Has anyone here ever sold at comiket? I'm trying to collect as much info as possible before I ask a Japanese friend to figure it out for me. My kanji is good but figuring out the technical vocabulary invovled with signing up as a circle for comiket on their webpage is quite difficult. The english FAQ on the official comiket page doesn't talk about it either, just cosplaying. I feel like they are trying to keep foriegners out from the selling aspect for fear of miscommunication. Anyway, any info on this would be awesome.

Second: does anybody here live in Tokyo? I'd like to hook up with people who live here and are serious about creating manga and cosplaying.

ok, It's nice to be able to connect with all of you. ^_^ and i hope you have fun at all your future comiket experiences.

also, i see a lot of links and comments about youth hostels here. I've never stayed any but i have visited them (and gaijin houses) on apartment hunts or temporary places to stay hunts and honestly, anything near Roppongi, Nishi Azabu and Azabu Juuban (in Minato-ku) should be avoided at all costs. >_< They are horrible!

Wed, Mar. 15th, 2006, 11:46 pm
kayuuko: Tokyo Anime Center


Just wanted to post this here since I think if you are in Tokyo next winter you should visit this place ^_~

Tue, Mar. 7th, 2006, 07:02 pm
herchuckness: dates for trips

Wow, so many posts after just one day! Awesome. :D

Looks like there are two trips in the works right now, one for this December and another for the summer of 2007. If you can't make the first, try for the second! XD The tenative info for these trips is as follows:

2006 Winter Comiket
dates: December 23rd - January 2nd, 2007
organizer: ayonoi
tags: 2006 winter comiket trip

2007 Summer Comiket
dates: summer 2007 (dates forthcoming)
organizer: kayuuko (hope this is ok, kayuuko! XD)
tags: 2007 summer comiket trip

As you can see, there are tags for each trip - entries with information specific to just one trip should be tagged that way, to make sorting through the post a little easier. I'll be adding more general tags as we go, since I can't figure out how to let users set their own. ^^; This info has been put into the community userinfo as well.

Dates are not final for either trip yet! In fact, we should discuss the winter trip dates here in the comments. (I suggest we wait a little on discussing the summer 2007 trip dates, since we don't know exactly when that Comiket happens yet. XD) Winter Comiket itself, for those interested in attending, is generally three consecutive days between the 28th and 31st of December. At least one of us should be there a week beforehand to pick up catalogues for the event, but those who can't miss the Christmas holidays could show up later if necessary. I'm willing to work up a calendar of who can go when to assist people getting together for shorter or longer trips - just let me know which dates work for each of you. ^^

Tue, Mar. 7th, 2006, 04:40 pm
ayonoi: Hostels links and choices

I actually had this as an entry in my own journal a few days back so I am just going to copy what I wrote. Please feel free to take a look at the links. I personally like Oak Hotel. It looks nice and we can get a private room for a group.

It is perfect to board the Yamanote line and link to other train lines and it is an 8 minutes walk from the Ueno station. If i book it now, I can pay at 10% deposit and then pay the rest when we are there. They accept credit cards so that is good news and they have a lot of amenities. There is another hostel in Tokyo that we can look at but please take your time visiting and don't be too persuaded by my excitement about the Oak Hotel *laughs*. I can look some more but I am going to give you links and see if you like anything in particular. I want to say that I do not mind being the person that fronts for the reservations, I rather be safe than sorry. So talk and tell me things *super excited*!!! Linkies, linkies:

The Oak Hotel entry at Hostels.com

Tokyo hostel list at Hostels.com

Tokyo hostels at traveller's point.com

Budget hotels at traveller's point.com

Inexpensive hotels at trav.com

Wed, Mar. 8th, 2006, 12:32 am
kayuuko: Gaijin-house

Just saw this and thought I'd share:


I think that's a cheap place to stay and you can get double or single rooms/flats/"whatever it is". I've heard that Aki house is a good place to stay. I don't know about others. And it's clean... The problem with this kind of place to stay is that some are just not very clean >_>-

EDIT: Well you have to share kitchen, tv room and some other rooms with other guests (not the bedroom) ^^" But as far as I know you have to do that in youth hostels too. And shower is 100 yen or something >_>

I would still recommend a youth hostel XD"

Tue, Mar. 7th, 2006, 03:01 pm
ayonoi: Some flight choices

For the last two years, I have been booking my flights through the Japanese travel agency called IACE Travel. I usually purchase my tickets in the San Jose office. But they have offices around the U.S. Their website is:


If you are student, check out STA travel. Not sure if they are international. When I walked up to Telegraph Ave. here in Berkeley, I saw they had a round trip to Tokyo for $400. So check them out:

www.statravel.com (for people in the U.K or Europe: www.statravel.co.uk)

I am lucky that I have another Japanese travel agency in JapanTown to go to.
They are called Aki/Niko Niko travel:

Aki / Niko Niko Travel Services
Kinokuniya Bldg.
415-567-1114 / 398-2525
hrs: 10-6pm

Last December, they posted a special price of $385 for a round trip to Tokyo departing on 12/26! That is very close a date for Comiket but if you can only go until then and plan to stay longer, this might be an offer you might want to look at. The travel agency also offers other specials through out the year. I will also announce when they have something good.

Other tips:

1)Check Yahoo Travel or Travelocity.
Since I use Yahoo, I joined their yahoo travel service which they do through Travelocity. Sometimes they announce good deals for international flights. So far nothing has come up but the minute it does, I will post the info.

2) Check some airlines like United,Northwest or Korean Air. Sometimes they have specials. I once flew on Korea Air for $500 round trip! But that was around Thanksgiving and off-season so keep that in mind.

Good luck and let me know if I can be of more help.

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